I have been waiting to go on a trekking expedition for long. So after researching a lot, I decided to go with BMC to trek the Mullayangiri and Baba budangiri range in the western ghats of India. I went to their website to book the trip with a nominal charge of 3000/. 

Bangalore To Chikmagalur
As planned their Tempo traveller picked us from a designated spot from Bangalore. For me, it was lifestyle near Garuda mall, around 10 p.m at night.
We reached the base camp at around 6 a.m in the morning and got one room with an attached bathroom to freshen up.

Welcome to the Base camp
It seems like leeches were well prepared to welcome us. Some people went outside the room bare foot to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Initially, they didn’t realize that they got infected by leeches and donated some blood to them. Once they came inside the room, they realized they had been bitten by them and many of those ticks came with them inside the room as well. This is when people got scared and started expecting worse, but at the same time some were thrilled too. Untimely it is a nature, everyone is a part of the food chain including us.Start of the trek
After having breakfast we stared our trek from Baba Budangiri , telephoto tower to Mullayanagiri peak. After approximately 3 hours, we reached the check point where we had lunch and rested for around 2 hours. From there, we started our journey toward Mullayanagiri peak which takes nearly 3 hours more. Last stretch was tiring as everyone had lunch and were already tired with the Baba Budangiri trekking.


Standing Tall

Keep Moving

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Unusual Path

Our guide Akhil


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Emotion after reaching Top

Our Trekking Group

Temple Visit
On Sunday while returning to Bangalore we visited around century year old Vishnu temple in Chikmagalur.

BMC site mentioned about the plan from Mullayangiri to Bababudangiri , where we  would have visited a waterfall near telephone tower on 1st day. On the 2nd day, we were planned to go to the Dabdabbe waterfall but both didn’t happen at all. I found one picture of the falls on the internet and would like to share it just to show what we missed.

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I have been waiting to go on a trekking expedition for long. So after researching a lot, I decided to go with BMC to trek the Mullaya...

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