Hogenakkal Waterfall

Etymologically, Hogenakkal (smoking rock) has been derived from two Kannada words, ‘hoge’ means smoke and ‘kal’ means rock. Once the water falls on the rocks, it creates a huge smoke-like effect around itself and hence the waterfall gets its name.  Hogenakkal waterfall is situated at Darnapuri District of the Indian state Tamil Nadu.  Kaveri River is the source of water for this water fall.

Bangalore To Hogenakkal
We stared our journey from Bangalore around 7am in the morning from BTM layout via Electronic City, Hosur Road. Once we reached Hosur, we took breakfast break for around 45 minutes. We ordered masala Dosa, Pyramid Dosa and Idli as we wanted to enjoy the South Indian cuisine. After the break, we again started our journey towards Darnapuri District on NH44. Road was well maintained and it was a smooth ride for us. It is very easy for anyone to drive at the speed of 80kmph.  Once we reached Darnapuri District, the sign board showed us to take a right turn for Hogenakkal water fall. After this turn, it took us another 45 minutes to reach the waterfall (In between we also stopped for 10-15 min)
Pyramid Dosa at morning Breakfast Hosur Road

NH -44

Landscape at NH-44

At Hogenakkal water Fall
At Hogenakkal water fall we parked our car at the parking area with a nominal charge of Rs.30. Though the sign board there suggested that the whole area was a Plastic free zone, reality was far more disturbing. We were able to spot plastic everywhere mostly in the form of plastic water bottles, cold drink bottles and carry bags. 

Food and Oil Massage
At the parking lot, one lady and a guy asked us if we were interested in Oil massage or having food. They spoke in Tamil. Being a Hindi speaking person, I was not able to understand their language. They were not able to talk in Hindi or English, but we were still able to understand each other by gestures and with the help of one of our friend who knew Kannada. We had already heard about their special fish recipe so we wanted to try fish in the lunch. They guided us towards the Fish market where we bought fish and handed it over to the lady for cooking. We had taken our own rice from home – thanks to a friend who suggested it and gave it to the lady for cooking. The fish tasted awesome. She had used her own Masala to prepare fish. In fish curry, she used Tamarind(Imili) which made it’s taste a little bit sour. Fried fish was too good in taste.  
That guy Guided us towards an oil shop where we bought Ayurveda oil for massage. He did head massage to us. He charged Rs.100 for head massage and Rs.200 for full body massage for each person.  Massage was refreshing and the bath after the massage was full of enjoyment.
Fried Fish, Egg Curry

Fish Bhujiya

Selling Fresh Fish

Sweet Paratha

Having Lunch
Water Masti

Bathing After Massage 

Yarri hai Iman mera Yaar meri Jindgi :)

Where To go???

Where are all???

Boat Riding 
After Massage we headed for boat riding. We hired two boats which charged us Rs.1200 . Maximum six people were allowed in one boat. Their boats are round in shape and the Local name is Theppe. It is made of Bamboo and base is covered with plastic, again frequent use of plastic in a plastic free zone. We saw one boat was selling snacks in the water. He was carrying lots of plastic in his boat. Our boat rider took us to multiple water falls in that area. Sometimes he took his boat under the water fall which made us wet. Here I was a little bit worried for my camera and I packed my camera inside camera bag for some time to protect it from water. Usually, they give ride to the small island situated there but we were in little bit hurry for return journey so we chose not to go there. I advise others to visit the island as according to local people it is fun to be there. 

Use of Plastic at plastic free zone

Sathi Hath Batana (Give your Hand)

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Hogenakkal Waterfall Etymologically, Hogenakkal (smoking rock) has been derived from two Kannada words, ‘hoge’ means smoke and ‘kal...

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