Amboli rain forest is the part of luscious green forest, Western Ghats. Famous for its calm, beautiful and venomous Malabar pit viper, variety of frog (approx. 16 species of frog reported here), breath taking waterfalls, thick rain forest and many more. Amboli is a beautiful hill station and situated at the altitude of 690 m like a diamond in a Maharashtra crown and near the border with Goa. According to local, this forest is spread in 24 square KMs. Melody of continuous flowing stream, continuous song of rain, euphonious sound of forest, chorus of frogs are some of the exclusive qualities of Amboli.
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Amboli has a beautiful Malabar pit viper which shows a different shades and color which help them to blend to its surrounding, phenomenal also known as polymorphism.  Among variety of shades green Malabar pit viper or rock Malabar pit viper is most commonly spotted one. Apart from Malabar vit viper, Amboli has approx 30 species of snake (according to local) including deadly cobra, russell viper, common krait and friendly green vine snake. My guide shared his experience many people are coming forward to get help for snake rescue and calling concern authorities if any venomous snake specially cobra spotted in human area or inside someone’s home. It is gratifying to see people behavior are changing towards snake and they are realizing snake are not enemy to human kind and plays exceptional role to keep our planet safe and secure.  While visiting Amboli be respectful to its wilderness and species, specially snake. We are the one who is trespassing their habitats, they have every right to live there peacefully and enjoying their life without any disturbance.   

Green Vine Snake
Green Vine Snake
Green Vipe Snake

Malabar Pit Viper
Malabar Pit Viper
Malabar Pit Viper
Malabar Pit Viper Cream Morphed

Malabar Pit Viper Grey Morphed

Malabar Pit Viper Grey Morphed

Cat Snake

Amboli forest was full of spectacular frogs and their unique sound. The bush frog also got name as typewriter frog due to its continuous typewriter sound. The whistle frog sound like whistle or sometime like a small kid. In dark it seems like some human is calling you. The tree branches brushes to each other in wind to create door closing sound. Tree sound mixing with whistle and bush frog voice create the impression like someone watching from dark forest. These sounds are the reason for all the horror story we listen about forest, the unknown energy which can only be heard but can’t be seen.
Whistling Frog

Amboli Leping Frog
Malabar Gliding Frog
Ornet Frog
Cricket Frog

Frog Egg

Apart from snakes and frogs Amboli has variety of macro species. Listing and recognizing all species is impossible task for me, but I photographed all much as possible with limited time I had there. Amboli is also known for its bear and leopard. Its hard to spot any mammals here due to dense forest and they love to spend their time deep inside forest. Moreover, due to incessant rain mammal migrate from this part of forest in rainy season. 

Hitler bug
Stick Mantis

Alluring Kavlesad waterfall, defy the gravity and fly towards sky with  the help of heavy wind from valley, Nangartas waterfall roar the victory sound and stand tall with pride, the shy and less explored baba waterfall add divine to amboli beauty. Amboli waterfalls are perfect spot for family weekend and out of box experience. While visiting amboli be a slow traveler, discover and listen lyrical song of beautiful green luscious forest.  

Nangartas Waterfall

I used to explore forest at day time from 10 am to 1 pm and at night time from 6pm to 9 pm. Variety of frogs and snakes are nocturnal in nature, so sighting was high at night time, but night has its own challenges when it comes to photogram in heavy rain. At day time most, common sighting was green vine snake and frog eggs. Reaching Amboli was easy from Pune. Maharashtra state bus service MSRTC provide direct bus service from Pune to Amboli and they also provides online ticket booking service, which helps in hustle free journey. Exploring the forest without local guide can be proved foolish decision at any point of time. Kaka Bhise is local to Amboli, has great knowledge of forest and its species and helping in nature. I explored the forest and its species with him. He is very busy in rainy season and it is advisable to book with him before reaching Amboli. Anyone can contact him at +91-7588447161 and +91-8007121517. Finding accommodation on week day will not be an issue but on weekend it will be crowdy. It better to book accommodation before reaching Amboli. Whistling wood is nearest to forest and far from all traffic sounds, but it is costly compare to others. One of the reasons is its location. I stayed at Durvankur Hotel run by Narvekar family, and I had pleasant memory here. It has basic facility with clean room, attached wash room and TV. Although I never switch on the TV so can’t say how many channels they provide. Main purpose of visiting rain forest to saying good bye to all electronic items and spending time with nature. Staff member at this hotel was very friendly. Hotel can be contacted on +91-9423819274 and +91-9637082832.

Kaka Bhise
Durvankur Hotel
Durvankur Hotel
Durvankur Hotel
Durvankur Hotel
Durvankur Hotel

Amboli rain forest is the part of luscious green forest, Western Ghats. Famous for its calm, beautiful and venomous Malabar pit viper, v...

Nepal known for its friendliness, culture and rich heritage. From childhood I have heard about Nepal’s beauty which make it to must visit place for me. At one side tall Himalaya challenge every adventurous to conquer it, other side Chitwan national park dare every strong heart to visit its dense forest and spend night there.

Start of our Journey
We started our journey from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. We travelled from Muzaffarpur to Raxual via Train. We used Tanga( to cover distance from Raxual to Birgunj. We used bus from Birgunj to Chitwan National Park. From Birgunj to Chitwan National park, Sauraha distance is 200 kms approximately , but it took 6 hous of journey due to hilly terrain and road construction in between.

Chitwan National Park
We choose Chitwan Forest Resort, Sauraha to for our accommodation at Chitwan National Park. We reached there around 7pm evening. To our horror they provide us very dirty room. We literally spend 2 hours with hostel staff to get this clean. It was full of spider web and dust. Most disgusting part was bathroom, which was left with human wastage from previous guest. We asked for room change but they didn’t have any other room available for that night. They promise to change room next morning. We ask them to get harpic and clean the bathroom. After all this cleaning we spent one night in that room. Next morning, we get new room which was better than previous one.

Jeep Safari
We opted for morning jeep safari at Chitwan National Park on 31st December 2018 which was arrange by Hotel owner. We saw many exotic bird, deer and crocodile. We were waiting for rhino but unfortunately, we didn’t see any. Forest itself is worth to visit. Morning calmness and mist, made it paradise. Water at Bishazari Tal seems like a mirror which reflect the surrounding around it.

Chitwan To Pokhara
We booked SUV from Chitwan to Pokhara. We started our journey on 1st January 2018, It took another 6 hours from Chitwan to Pokhara. We stay at hotel spring at Pokhara. The hotel staff and owner were very much friendly, and they guided us to plan our trip in Pokhara. The room service, breakfast and cleanness were superb at this hotel. They arranged SUV for sunrise point, Sarangkot. It is must visit place if you are staying at Pokhara.

Australian Base Camp Trekking
After reaching pokhara we wanted to do some snow trekking. We inquired about Annapurna region trekking. It required 5-7 days at least. Unfortunately, we had 2 days left with us. We decided to trek to Australian Base Camp(ABC) stay there at night and come back next day. We started our trekking on 2nd January  from Phedi to Dhampus village. What we consider easy trek turn out to be not so easy for us (considering in our group some people didn't had single trekking experience). We climb steep staircase from phedi to Dhampus. Here we took rest for an hour and started our trekking to ABC. We were lucky enough to reach ACB before sunset and witness fire cloud created with golden sun rays on top of snow mountain. To our luck it also turned out to be full moon night. We witness glittery white mountain under the full moon night. Next morning, we witness marvelous sun rise here. After that we started our return journey to Pokhara.


We had plan for paragliding at Pokhara. Our hotel owner booked paragliding session. It was exceptional experience for us. We did half an hour flight approximately. We got breathtaking aerial view of Phew lake and Annapurna snowy mountain. You can also visit youtube for our trip video.

Nepal known for its friendliness, culture and rich heritage. From childhood I have heard about Nepal’s beauty which make it to must visit ...